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Thomas Patient Care Services 1325 Mt Hermon Road, Suite 12-B
Salisbury, Maryland 21804
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Phone: (410) 548-2959
Fax:     (410) 548-7595

Welcome to
Thomas Patient Care Services

Over the years, the concepts and principles of home health care remain the same since long-established methodologies and medical technologies have advanced gradually. With these changes, we would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Thomas Patient Care Services – a fast-growing, friendly, dynamic and cost-effective health care services provider that is committed to the promotion of quality health care at home.

We also advocate for the prevention of illness, care of the sick, rehabilitation and wellness development. The function of our home health company is very evident especially when most ill patients stay at home rather than spending much of their money for costly medications and long term confinement in expensive healthcare facilities or hospitals.

Our mission is to ensure high standards of primary care for our patients who have encountered serious and, or minor injuries, and for those who need recovery, health assessments and various physical and mental therapy. Thus, they need to restore and maintain their overall health and independence in their homes with the close care assistance of physician and family to promote better health outcomes in a collaborative way with more cost-effective health care services.

To avail more of our home health care services and for our admission procedures, call us at (410) 548-2959 and learn more about Thomas Patient Care Services. Apply Now!

image You can set an appointment with us for a complimentary home health needs assessment. Consult with our case manager, ask our nurses, tell us how you would want your life to be at home as you manage your illness or while you recover from injury. Schedule a free consultation now!